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South West Technology is a local Information Technology Service business based in Strathpine, Queensland. We are focused on supporting and training users to get better value and reliability from their existing technology, not on selling new hardware and software. We offer a 24 hour x 7 day service, can support any manufacturer's technology, and are not tied to any particular suppliers. We can integrate different hardware and software to deliver efficient, reliable and cost effective solutions to meet your business objectives. We do not focus on selling hardware, software and network services but can assist customers in specifying and selecting the most appropriate products where appropriate.

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and support to all our customers through a proactive rather than reactive approach. We constantly keep up to date with new technology and appraise it's suitability for customers without being caught up in continuous "upgrade cycles".

The use of open standards in Information Technology are strongly encouraged as opposed to proprietary "black box" type solutions that are difficult and expensive to interconnect and often leave the customer stranded when the technology fails, the manufacturer goes out of production or out of business.

Services can be provided on an individual call, a project basis or under an annual maintenance agreement, whichever arrangement suits your needs. Discounts can be negotiated for longer term arrangements.

South West Technology uses the Internet extensively for communicating with customers, suppliers, manufacturers and other organisations. Other methods of communication including personal attendance, telephone and fax are also utilised.

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